Good question. Nearly 10 years later, that is a question the family and investigators still have.

No one has come forward to say they were meeting with Bruce that morning. No one has come forward to say they knew Bruce was going to the Mark VII Apartments.

His wife said he mentioned he was going to New Orleans, but that was the only details she had. The Business Partner did agree to a Workman’s Comp Claim policy to say Bruce was on business down in New Orleans East.

There was a first name written down on a piece of paper, along with the address and directions. It also had a time next to the name, which happened to be the same time Bruce was at the apartments.

So who told Bruce about the Mark VII apartments? Was it the last person to speak with Bruce, which was Glen Angus, or his Business Partner, or someone else? The Business Partner filed a workman’s comp claim, stating Bruce was there on business for the business partner’s company. Does that mean he knew? We are unsure because the Business Partner will not speak to investigators or the family.

Why did the person whose name was written down next to the address, directions and time never show up? If you were meeting someone and they were shot right before you arrived, wouldn’t you be in shock and speak with police? At least, majority of us would.

Now, some might say, ‘oh could he have been there on unofficial or shady business? Maybe that is why the person didn’t come forward.’ On that piece of paper was also the specs for the apartment complex. It listed out how many 2-bedrooms, 3-bedrooms, etc were at the apartment. And Bruce’s job for the Business Partner would be to scout out potential real estate investments. So if Bruce was heading down there for a ‘shady’ deal, why would apartment specs be written down? Clearly he was meeting someone to look at purchasing these apartments for the business he worked for, based off the Workman’s Comp Claim.

Bruce was mislead down to New Orleans East, where someone waited for him to arrive and kill him. Someone set it up to make it look like a random robbery gone wrong.

But it gets better, the Business Partner was scheduled to have lunch with Bruce that same day, in New Orleans. Why would they not ride together to look at a potential investment property for the Business Partner, if they were planning to meetup right after anyway? A question we still cannot get answered, because the Business Partner will not speak with investigators.

More to come…

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